3 People you Need the Most II


The Man Around

I hope you have started working on sustaining a relationship with a Man Ahead after reading my first post on 3 KEY PEOPLE YOU NEED IN 2016.Coincidentally I met with my new Man Ahead today, so I have more of them in my life…..good for me.

Today I will continue with the next most important Man you need in 2016 and beyond; and that man is THE MAN AROUND.

While The Man Ahead is someone who has gone ahead of you in a particular path of business, work or life, The Man Around is that person that you will collaborate with or partner with in order to achieve your set goals. Truth is you cannot have everything, you cannot know everything, your man around is that person that has the resources you lack, and when you leverage on that person you will automatically have what you ordinarily do not have.

The Man Around for Bill Gate was Paul Allen to create Microsoft, The Man Around for Steve Jobs was Steve Wozniak to create Apple, and The Man Around for the Wright Brothers in their quest to make an airplane was Charley Taylor who is actually the expert in Mechanical Engineering that eventually made the engine.

Now a “Man Around” does not necessarily mean someone you would partner with to Start a Business or create an invention, you can have The Man Around to solve a particular Problem, to minimize Cost, to expand, to sustain your business, you can have a Man Around for any pursuit you are engaged in.

I’ll give some examples.

So Buhari tried to become president for years and he failed because he was limited; “a limitation is an evidence that you need a leverage”. Obviously Buhari needed a leverage but this time The Man Ahead would not work for him, he needs The Man Around. Until he leveraged on other politicians that have the resources that he (Buhari) did not have by creating a new party called APC, they would not have been able to beat PDP. The leverage brought them more finance for campaign, gave them voters from different parts of Nigeria. Tinubu with all his resources could not present himself so he needed Buhari, Buhari did not have the resources and backing of the west so he needed Tinubu…the rest is history.

The new Managing Director of First Bank; Ibukun Awosika as the MD of Chair Centre woke up one day and Obasanjo banned furniture importation, her company was left to die or smuggle. She decided to get a Man Around which was Sokoa Furniture Company in France, they collaborated and had an extra “Man Around “which was GT Bank; they all collaborated and Sokoa Chair Centre was formed and she survived.

“When the going gets tough, the tough don’t get going; the tough seeks collaboration.”

Toyota and BMW are competitors, but they are wise enough to collaborate when it is necessary. Since 2014, the engine of every 2.1 liter Toyota car bought in Europe is being manufactured by BMW. This will help both companies reduce cost per unit in production. Secondly, in the research for Electric Car Battery Research, Toyota and BWM are sharing cost…Imagine.

“No company is big enough to have all it wants”

Let me go simple; if a distributor does not have enough money to meet the required capacity to buy products in a particular company, that distributor is not doomed and does not need to struggle, all he/she needs to do is look for another distributor who also do not have enough money to buy same, they simply put their money together, and they will enjoy what one person would not have been able to enjoy

Technology and the increase in the need for flexibility will force us all to collaborate, it is better you begin to learn how to.

Multiple potential answers will do you more good than one rigid correct answer, Joint problem solving is better than Isolated Problem solving; it is we rather than I, Ours rather than mine.

While you will need to be careful about who you choose as your Man Around, your concern for carefulness should not hinder you from harnessing the juice that comes from Leveraging on the Man Around.

This is the Second Key Man you need in 2016 and beyond. Before the week runs out I will share with you the 3rd important man you need in 2016.


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