3 People You Need the Most


The Man Ahead

I will understand if you say one of the people you need is God, that’s exactly what a lot of people usually say first; lol…we can be so spiritual in this side of the world; no doubt you need God. Well I’m talking about Human Beings; ever wondered who the three most important people you need to be successful are?you need them in 2016 and you will always need them. Ask any successful person, they will tell you of how at least 2 of these 3 people helped them to be successful; so you can’t afford to ignore these 3 people as you plan for a successful 2016. In fact if you find a successful person and you can’t identify how they became successful, ask them of theses 3 people and you will find they leveraged on 2 or 3 of these people in their journey to success.
Depending on what you do presently and what stage you are in business, life or work; the first most important people we need to be successful this year and in life is THE MAN AHEAD.
Do you know that only 7 of every 100 Nigerian Youth sustain a relationship with someone who has gone ahead of them in their area of their pursuit; whether business, work or life. In reverse, that means 93 of every 100 Nigerian youth are pursuing with the limitations and they are vulnerable to the result of trial and errors. That’s terrible I must confess.
The Man Ahead is someone who has gone ahead of you in whatever you are trying to achieve.That person can be a mentor or anyone you relate with that has some real life experience in your field or pursuit or in life generally. That person can be someone in your department that has been in that office before you or has done your present function before you. Are you trying to improve you spiritual life, social life, business, work etc. there is always someone that has gone ahead of you in that pursuit.
There is nothing you are trying to achieve that has never been achieved before, someone has gotten to your destination, someone has solved your present problems over and over again, someone has already been successful in that task or business you are working on, why are you struggling with that task for hours and days when someone has solved such problem before; in fact someone has answers to your yet to be discovered problems and challenges in regards to your pursuit. If you engage Man Ahead you will gain speed, get result faster, pursue with more knowledge that you logically have.
For Obama, his Man Ahead was Emil Jones, For Martin Luther King it was Matmaha Gandhi, for Mandela it was Walter Sisulu, for Michael Jackson it was Quincy Jones, for Pastor Taiwo Odukoya it was Bishop Mike Okonkwo, for me; Enahoro Okhae it was OlakunleSoriyan and A. Igbeyi of Industrial Training Fund. For 2016 I have already identified another Man Ahead I want to add to my list of Man Ahead.
Now don’t get it twisted, this is not just for young people or mentoring, as far as you are about to start something new or you are finding challenge in a particular pursuit, there is always someone that has gone ahead of you in that pursuit; you need a Man Ahead. Ordinarily The Man Ahead does not find you, you find The Man Ahead. Who will that person be, go ahead and identify your Man Ahead for a better 2016.

In my next post I will write about the 2nd most important Man you need in 2016.


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