Entrepreneur’s Leverage for Information Technology Sector


Hello Innovators,

Entrepreneurship is a beautiful experience of never ending possibilities, Entrepreneurship it is described by Harvard Business School Professor Howard Stevenson as “the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled”. An entrepreneur needs to combine forces to yield desirable result indeed “if you can dream it up, you can team it up”. The principle of leverage is centered on taking advantage of existing resources to achieve result as compare to using “limited effort” alone to pursue.

Mr. Enahoro Okhae is the principal strategist at Simeon’s Pivot Resources, he is popularly known as Mr. Leverage, he is a seasoned Life Coach, Human Resource Consultant, a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and a  who has been teaching about the core principle of leverage for over 5years through various means. He has authored materials including Audio Training Cds like Mechanical advantage and the Leverage Triangle (Man Ahead, Man Around, Man behind series)

“Entrepreneurs Leverage” is another unique means of impacting and changing lives with the wisdom in the Principle of Leverage; and the focus this time is directly on different sectors of the economy. Information Technology Sector takes the lead as a maiden edition

Entrepreneurs Leverage; The Idea

Entrepreneurs Leverage is a periodical conference that focuses on different sectors of the economy. The event would always be in collaboration with a known company in the sector.

E -Leverage is designed as a conference with Key Note Speakers consisting of experienced Industry Stakeholders and Panel Discussions. Every conference will provide Leverage for burden entrepreneurs within the industry in focus through Training, Mentoring and Collaborations and Financial Leverage. The strategic goal is to give young and upcoming entrepreneurs the “Leverage” required to break the limitations they face as they strive towards establishment, sustenance and growth.

Entrepreneurs Leverage; Information Technology in focus

As the clarion call for entrepreneurship continues to spread  and the opportunities in Information Technology becomes more obvious, young Nigerians would continue to grow in creativity regarding Information Technology by coming up with different innovative products. Unfortunately there is more to running an Information Technology business than coming up with an innovative IT products/Services.  Today, there are countless IT guys around town armed with Laptops, internet, and coding skills trying to build products, unfortunately a lot of them are failing at it because they do not have the necessary apparatus required to run business in this specialized industry

This IT Sector would be held in Collaboration with ISteel Society of Andela

  • Speakers at The conference Include:
  • Enahoro Okhae; Principal Strategist; Simeon’s Pivot Resources (Host), will be speaking on ‘Global Leverage Solutions in the Information Technology Sector’
  • Yele Okeremi; MD, Precise Financial will be speaking on Systems : Creating Strategic Product and Going Global with it; The PFS Case Study
  • Krishnan Ranganath will Introduce “C Force” a powerful tool for IT burden entrepreneurs that will provide them will all other resources they need to start a successful IT Business
  • Barrister Adebayo Shittu; Minister of Communication Technology Special Guest of Honor, will be speaking on : Available “Leverage” for IT Entrepreneurs
  • There will also be a sitting Panel for Discussion and Question and Answers.


Entrepreneur Leverage; The Competition

Software Engineers/Software Developers etc. will be made to compete for a capital that would aid the initiation of their IT idea/solution into a business concern. The competition will be announced during the conference and the winner will emerge 90 days after. There will be a set of established criteria that would aid the selection of the winners. A four man team would be in charge of choosing the winner through a vetting process. The team would include a Business Consultant, a Tech Analyst, and 2 Software Developers.

The conference will be an avenue to network and meet big industry players in the IT Industry and the competition will serve a means to provide the much needed funds a lot of startups do not have. It is also going to serve as learning good learning and mentorship opportunity that will help shape the idea and give it life.

 Date: Saturday, JUNE 18TH 2016               Venue: Afe- Babalola Hall (UNILAG)                Time:10am-3pm

Contact phone Number: 08038299962      Email: leverage@mrleverage.me

THE L & S PERSONALITY TYPES: 2 Types of People in The Land Of Pursuit

Personality Type

The letter L and S image above depicts the kind of road different people are travelling on in their pursuit for success. You will notice that those travelling on the L shaped road have a point where they can see totally where they are coming from and where they are going. This means they can see their mistakes, and in looking forward they can see how others (mentors, guardians, “man ahead”) have travelled and learn from them to reduce errors. Eventually their journey will be faster and smoother.

For those travelling on the S shaped road, you can see that there is really no point where they can totally see where they are coming from or where they are going. It means they can’t see what others have done; every detour is a surprise. It’s a lonely walk and they are constantly vulnerable to the results of trial and errors.

Microsoft, Apple, Google, Jumia, Interswitch, Electric. Co ( The Light Bulb), Face Book, Yahoo, Snap Chat, General Electric, Knoga, Renowned Scientists and so many more are examples of those who sustain the L personality mindset, they all leveraged to achieve.

Below are tabulated differences between those who Leverage to achieve and those who Struggle to achieve.


S Personality L Personality
They believe in Self Made Success as such they are on the quest to achieve their dreams on their own They understand that no man is self-made; no man is an Island, they seek support as they pursue their dreams
They do not have mentors. The live a life of “OYO” (On Your Own) which is a very dangerous place to be. They have mentors. Not just models. They sustain a walking, talking and goal setting relationship with their mentors.
They would rather die with their idea that share their idea with anyone or collaborate with some to initiate the idea even when they don’t have the resources to initiate it because they don’t want to share the glory that will come from the success of the idea They know that it is better to collaborate with someone who has resources to initiate their idea than keep it to themselves. They don’t mind sharing the glory that comes from the success of the idea
They look for job by submitting CVs here and there…you know… like cast your bread upon many waters. They look for job by talking to key people who are well connected and who are in their circle of relationship
They look for contracts by submitting numerous proposals; we call it Spray and Pray. They believe only in merit. They look for contracts by building strategic relationships because they know that beyond merit relationship exists. They know that even when two people merit a contract or job, the person with a RELATIONSHIP with the custodian of the job will most likely get the deal
They start business without asking questions from people who have gone ahead of them in that line of business. In fact they see those people who have gone ahead of them as competitors Before they start a business they ask a lot of questions from those who have gone ahead of them in that line of business, they see such people as collaborators
They are dogmatic in their believe that there is no limitation in life They understand that man is limited to time, knowledge and certain capacities.
They never ask for help. To them, asking for help is a sign of weakness; they rather suffer with what they don’t know or what they don’t have. They understand that you can’t know everything or have everything. They understand that helping and being helped is part of life.
They allow a moment of ignorance pass.

They would hear a new word and not ask for the meaning or check it out in a dictionary or Google.

They do not allow any moment of ignorance pass them. When they hear a new word they confidently ask the person who spoke it or quickly do a search on the word

3 People you Need the Most II


The Man Around

I hope you have started working on sustaining a relationship with a Man Ahead after reading my first post on 3 KEY PEOPLE YOU NEED IN 2016.Coincidentally I met with my new Man Ahead today, so I have more of them in my life…..good for me.

Today I will continue with the next most important Man you need in 2016 and beyond; and that man is THE MAN AROUND.

While The Man Ahead is someone who has gone ahead of you in a particular path of business, work or life, The Man Around is that person that you will collaborate with or partner with in order to achieve your set goals. Truth is you cannot have everything, you cannot know everything, your man around is that person that has the resources you lack, and when you leverage on that person you will automatically have what you ordinarily do not have.

The Man Around for Bill Gate was Paul Allen to create Microsoft, The Man Around for Steve Jobs was Steve Wozniak to create Apple, and The Man Around for the Wright Brothers in their quest to make an airplane was Charley Taylor who is actually the expert in Mechanical Engineering that eventually made the engine.

Now a “Man Around” does not necessarily mean someone you would partner with to Start a Business or create an invention, you can have The Man Around to solve a particular Problem, to minimize Cost, to expand, to sustain your business, you can have a Man Around for any pursuit you are engaged in.

I’ll give some examples.

So Buhari tried to become president for years and he failed because he was limited; “a limitation is an evidence that you need a leverage”. Obviously Buhari needed a leverage but this time The Man Ahead would not work for him, he needs The Man Around. Until he leveraged on other politicians that have the resources that he (Buhari) did not have by creating a new party called APC, they would not have been able to beat PDP. The leverage brought them more finance for campaign, gave them voters from different parts of Nigeria. Tinubu with all his resources could not present himself so he needed Buhari, Buhari did not have the resources and backing of the west so he needed Tinubu…the rest is history.

The new Managing Director of First Bank; Ibukun Awosika as the MD of Chair Centre woke up one day and Obasanjo banned furniture importation, her company was left to die or smuggle. She decided to get a Man Around which was Sokoa Furniture Company in France, they collaborated and had an extra “Man Around “which was GT Bank; they all collaborated and Sokoa Chair Centre was formed and she survived.

“When the going gets tough, the tough don’t get going; the tough seeks collaboration.”

Toyota and BMW are competitors, but they are wise enough to collaborate when it is necessary. Since 2014, the engine of every 2.1 liter Toyota car bought in Europe is being manufactured by BMW. This will help both companies reduce cost per unit in production. Secondly, in the research for Electric Car Battery Research, Toyota and BWM are sharing cost…Imagine.

“No company is big enough to have all it wants”

Let me go simple; if a distributor does not have enough money to meet the required capacity to buy products in a particular company, that distributor is not doomed and does not need to struggle, all he/she needs to do is look for another distributor who also do not have enough money to buy same, they simply put their money together, and they will enjoy what one person would not have been able to enjoy

Technology and the increase in the need for flexibility will force us all to collaborate, it is better you begin to learn how to.

Multiple potential answers will do you more good than one rigid correct answer, Joint problem solving is better than Isolated Problem solving; it is we rather than I, Ours rather than mine.

While you will need to be careful about who you choose as your Man Around, your concern for carefulness should not hinder you from harnessing the juice that comes from Leveraging on the Man Around.

This is the Second Key Man you need in 2016 and beyond. Before the week runs out I will share with you the 3rd important man you need in 2016.

3 People You Need the Most


The Man Ahead

I will understand if you say one of the people you need is God, that’s exactly what a lot of people usually say first; lol…we can be so spiritual in this side of the world; no doubt you need God. Well I’m talking about Human Beings; ever wondered who the three most important people you need to be successful are?you need them in 2016 and you will always need them. Ask any successful person, they will tell you of how at least 2 of these 3 people helped them to be successful; so you can’t afford to ignore these 3 people as you plan for a successful 2016. In fact if you find a successful person and you can’t identify how they became successful, ask them of theses 3 people and you will find they leveraged on 2 or 3 of these people in their journey to success.
Depending on what you do presently and what stage you are in business, life or work; the first most important people we need to be successful this year and in life is THE MAN AHEAD.
Do you know that only 7 of every 100 Nigerian Youth sustain a relationship with someone who has gone ahead of them in their area of their pursuit; whether business, work or life. In reverse, that means 93 of every 100 Nigerian youth are pursuing with the limitations and they are vulnerable to the result of trial and errors. That’s terrible I must confess.
The Man Ahead is someone who has gone ahead of you in whatever you are trying to achieve.That person can be a mentor or anyone you relate with that has some real life experience in your field or pursuit or in life generally. That person can be someone in your department that has been in that office before you or has done your present function before you. Are you trying to improve you spiritual life, social life, business, work etc. there is always someone that has gone ahead of you in that pursuit.
There is nothing you are trying to achieve that has never been achieved before, someone has gotten to your destination, someone has solved your present problems over and over again, someone has already been successful in that task or business you are working on, why are you struggling with that task for hours and days when someone has solved such problem before; in fact someone has answers to your yet to be discovered problems and challenges in regards to your pursuit. If you engage Man Ahead you will gain speed, get result faster, pursue with more knowledge that you logically have.
For Obama, his Man Ahead was Emil Jones, For Martin Luther King it was Matmaha Gandhi, for Mandela it was Walter Sisulu, for Michael Jackson it was Quincy Jones, for Pastor Taiwo Odukoya it was Bishop Mike Okonkwo, for me; Enahoro Okhae it was OlakunleSoriyan and A. Igbeyi of Industrial Training Fund. For 2016 I have already identified another Man Ahead I want to add to my list of Man Ahead.
Now don’t get it twisted, this is not just for young people or mentoring, as far as you are about to start something new or you are finding challenge in a particular pursuit, there is always someone that has gone ahead of you in that pursuit; you need a Man Ahead. Ordinarily The Man Ahead does not find you, you find The Man Ahead. Who will that person be, go ahead and identify your Man Ahead for a better 2016.

In my next post I will write about the 2nd most important Man you need in 2016.

4 Colours of Contacts on your List


And How you can Leverage on Them

You can’t know everything and you can’t have everything, sorry; it’s a fact of life; you will always need to LEVERAGE on other people because MAN is limited; limited to time, money, capacity and several other kinds of resources. One of the most important places you go to in the time of need is your Phone Contact List. Telephone is the fastest medium of communication and in it we save names and numbers of people. Ever wondered why you have to save someone’s number? The answer is simple; it’s simply to be able to relate with them continuously. Logically, when you RELATE with them, you build a RELATIONSHIP and relationship as you know is the single most important resources anyone can have. From that phone you can immediately get out of debt, get out of danger, get a highly needed equipment and so on by just placing a call; sometimes I wonder how we survived a life without mobile phone. Now your ability to Leverage on someone in the time of need from that phone will be determined by the color of that contact. The contacts on your phone are divided into four different colors namely; Red, Blue, Green and Black Contacts.

Red Contacts

Red contacts are ACTIVE contacts, those you are in active and close communication with; you have related with them in recent times and on a continuous basis, they won’t be surprised to see your name pop up on their phone if you call. Red contacts are the easiest to Leverage on, because the relationship is warm and active.

Blue Contacts

Now when you don’t call, or relate with the Red contacts on your contact list over a period of time they don’t stay Red, they become Blue, Blue contacts are inactive contacts, the relationship between you and the Blue contacts becomes Luke-warm and inactive, because there is no activity. The danger behind this is that when you need to Leverage on these contacts you don’t feel too comfortable, you feel the guilt of not being in touch as, the warmth is no longer there. You feel that the person will think you are contacting them simply because you have a need not because you care. In the time of need you don’t have the confidence to get available help simply because you allowed the contact go Blue.

Now at this point something critical happens; some people go ahead to make the call anyway; and use that opportunity to start building back the contact to Red; that is active. Unfortunately some other people allow their guilt take over and as such refuse to make that call; that contact begins to deteriorate further to color Green.

Green Contacts

Now your relationship with Green contact is a dormant relationship. The relationship has grown from warmth when you collected the person’s card or saved the person’s number to Cold. It will be very difficult to Leverage on a cold relationship. Relationships don’t get cold; we make them cold by not keeping in touch. You saved that number because you want to relate with that person and because that person is somewhat important; what is the worth of saving someone’s number and allowing it to grow Green.

Black Contacts

The last color on your phone contact list is Black, these are dead contacts, you still have their names on your phone but they have long changed their number, you see them on the Television, but can’t reach them, in fact they probably don’t remember you anymore; you started a relationship but you did not sustain it, it’s a wasted effort. You can never leverage on a Black Contact because you cannot even reach them.

Should you call people every day? Well it depends, for some people what keeps the relationship Red is daily communication while for some others weekly, monthly or quarterly will suffice.

Sieve your network today, what color is prevalent in your contact list.   Take a step today; begin to push your Green and Blue contacts back to Red by giving them a call and keeping it active by relating constantly. Someday you will need them; you can’t really tell when you will.

As I close, there are some people you must have on your contact list. They are doctor, automobile mechanic (if you drive), Police man, DSTV repairer, Account officer, Children’s Teacher, Pastor and the likes. These guys come handy in times of need; they must be made Red.

From Mr. Leverage as always…keep leveraging.