THE L & S PERSONALITY TYPES: 2 Types of People in The Land Of Pursuit

Personality Type

The letter L and S image above depicts the kind of road different people are travelling on in their pursuit for success. You will notice that those travelling on the L shaped road have a point where they can see totally where they are coming from and where they are going. This means they can see their mistakes, and in looking forward they can see how others (mentors, guardians, “man ahead”) have travelled and learn from them to reduce errors. Eventually their journey will be faster and smoother.

For those travelling on the S shaped road, you can see that there is really no point where they can totally see where they are coming from or where they are going. It means they can’t see what others have done; every detour is a surprise. It’s a lonely walk and they are constantly vulnerable to the results of trial and errors.

Microsoft, Apple, Google, Jumia, Interswitch, Electric. Co ( The Light Bulb), Face Book, Yahoo, Snap Chat, General Electric, Knoga, Renowned Scientists and so many more are examples of those who sustain the L personality mindset, they all leveraged to achieve.

Below are tabulated differences between those who Leverage to achieve and those who Struggle to achieve.


S Personality L Personality
They believe in Self Made Success as such they are on the quest to achieve their dreams on their own They understand that no man is self-made; no man is an Island, they seek support as they pursue their dreams
They do not have mentors. The live a life of “OYO” (On Your Own) which is a very dangerous place to be. They have mentors. Not just models. They sustain a walking, talking and goal setting relationship with their mentors.
They would rather die with their idea that share their idea with anyone or collaborate with some to initiate the idea even when they don’t have the resources to initiate it because they don’t want to share the glory that will come from the success of the idea They know that it is better to collaborate with someone who has resources to initiate their idea than keep it to themselves. They don’t mind sharing the glory that comes from the success of the idea
They look for job by submitting CVs here and there…you know… like cast your bread upon many waters. They look for job by talking to key people who are well connected and who are in their circle of relationship
They look for contracts by submitting numerous proposals; we call it Spray and Pray. They believe only in merit. They look for contracts by building strategic relationships because they know that beyond merit relationship exists. They know that even when two people merit a contract or job, the person with a RELATIONSHIP with the custodian of the job will most likely get the deal
They start business without asking questions from people who have gone ahead of them in that line of business. In fact they see those people who have gone ahead of them as competitors Before they start a business they ask a lot of questions from those who have gone ahead of them in that line of business, they see such people as collaborators
They are dogmatic in their believe that there is no limitation in life They understand that man is limited to time, knowledge and certain capacities.
They never ask for help. To them, asking for help is a sign of weakness; they rather suffer with what they don’t know or what they don’t have. They understand that you can’t know everything or have everything. They understand that helping and being helped is part of life.
They allow a moment of ignorance pass.

They would hear a new word and not ask for the meaning or check it out in a dictionary or Google.

They do not allow any moment of ignorance pass them. When they hear a new word they confidently ask the person who spoke it or quickly do a search on the word

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